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How stressful are City to support?

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A report released this weeks ranks us as the 25th most stressful club in the Football League to support, although we are placed as second overall in the Premiership (behind Portsmouth).

The report uses a number of factors including the 'yo-yo effect', ie regular movement between divisions/leagues due to promotions and relegations, losing matches from a winning position, financial problems at the club, changes in club ownership and frequent changes in manager

The reports summary of City is as follows:

Once the archetypal 'yo-yo club', in seven seasons between
1995 and 2002 City were relegated three times and promoted three times. They
went from the Premiership to Division Two and back again. The reason they do not
figure higher in our Top 50 is that City now seem to be a much more stable club,
more likely to be found mid-table than scrapping at either end of the league.
Nor have there been any cup shocks since Division Two Cardiff City beat the
Premiership boys in the FA Cup fourth round in 1994. The Blues also appear to
have put the brakes on the managerial merry-go-round. There were six new name
plaques on the boss's door in the 1980s, and the same in the 1990s, but so far
in this decade there have been only two.

Looking at the list I'm sure there are some contentious placings.