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Hamman listed in top 20 'worst signings'

The Independent today published a list of the top twenty 'worst signings of the summer' (sorry can't find a link to the story), and amongst the list of 'notable' players was Didi Hamman -who came in around fifth place.

It is fair to say that his City career has been nothing short of a washout thus far, as injury and lack of match sharpness has restricted his appearances. I thought when we signed him in the bizarre Liverpool-Bolton-City triangle he would be an excellent pick up as his performances at Liverpool were still at a quality level, and thought he would be the ideal partner in the middle alongside Joey Barton.

Unfortunately though, his performances when fit haven't backed this up and he is going down as a flop based on the first half of the season. Hopefully, he can regain full fitness - although it has been suggested from more than one source that the different training regime at City from his time at Liverpool is not helping in that respect, and he can get a good run in the side over the second half of the season and begin to prove his worth.

Incidentally, no guesses for who came in as the worst signing.