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Goal-keeping log jam

With the news that Kaspar Schmeichel is poised to join Falkirk on a season long loan, and in joining fellow youngster Joe Hart in the 'on-loan' ranks it spells positive news for our goalkeeping future.

The fact that Stuart Pearce is able to farm out two young keepers shows the strength we have with our two senior keepers Nicky Weaver and Andreas Isaksson, in a position which looked a little precarious going into the season on the back of David James' departure.

Having four quality keepers on the books obviously allows Pearce to be flexible in helping Hart and Schmeichel gain valuable experience and it could signal an interesting battle between the pair to be our next goalkeeper.

For all that Weaver has done in coming back from terrible injuries and performing at the level he has done, I still cannot see him being the long term number 1. I have come across stories that suggest Isaksson will not be too keen on hanging around if he does not have the number 1 position by the end of the season.

Of course, Weaver is yet to sign a new deal but it is surely a done deal that he will sign beyond this season which may not be good news for Isaksson but would open up a chance behind Weaver for either Hart or Schmeichel.

Roughly of a similar age, both have impressive physical tools but Hart perhaps has the edge in terms of pecking order at the moment and has already made one appearance this season (away at Wigan), but Schmeichel has his plaudits too and it will be interesting to watch them develop over the next few seasons to see if either of the pair can steal a march on the other to get a shot at being the keeper.

Keeping them both happy in the long term will be a tough job for Pearce and is likely that one will end up moving on, but as it stands it looks like it will shape up to be an interesting battle between the two to be the ultimate top dog.