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City 3 Southampton 1

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Just a quick post as pushed for time a little this evening.

Despite the scare of going a goal down, we quickly rebounded through Vassell's equaliser and from then on it appeared as only being a matter of time before we would ultimately go on to the win the game.

Perhaps it was fortunate that we got back in the game so quickly as if we had gone 10-15 minutes into the second then the pressure may have begun to build a little. A great ball from Ireland through to Barton got the second and good to see Beasley get on the scoresheet as well to add a little insurance to the scoreline.

A comfortable afternoon all in all and despite their league positions being relatively similar, I expect a far tougher contest at Preston in round five.



"We were well worth our victory. The players really showed
that they wanted to go through.
"That is just one defeat in eight games now
which is pleasing for me and is credit to the players.
"We'd be delighted if
we got a home tie next and we might have a couple of new faces in our side by
then too."
- Stuart Pearce

"We gave it our best shot and worked our socks off but
overall City deserved to win the tie.
"Their goals came at a bad time for
us. We had started badly and got our noses in front but conceded quite soon
afterwards and right on half-time.
"We had chances but I could not ask from
any more from my players."
- George Burley