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Ball move adds confusion to Coco trial

Following the sale of Ben Thatcher and the decision to curtail the trial of Francesco Coco, we have taken former Everton and Rangers defender Michael Ball on trial.

Ball, who has been sidelined by Ronald Koeman despite featuring heavily under previous coach Guus Hiddink is an interesting option and would potentially upgrade the left-back position - whilst also providing cover in a more central position.

However, something still irks about the Coco trial as for me Coco would have been a better fit for the formation than Ball - who is more of a 'defender' than Coco who offers more of an attacking threat.

The move for Ball - whilst it will be a positive addition to the squad, only serves to add a little to the saga surrounding Coco's ill-fated spell at the club.

Responding to claims that his approach to his trial at the club was not entirely professional, Francesco Coco has hit out, saying:

"I am a serious professional, educated and
respectful with others."
"I left Manchester on good terms with the coach
(Stuart Pearce)."

"When they told me that City could use my services, I
asked Inter's permission to travel to England for a couple of days.
didn't work out because the coach wanted to use me in a different position to
what I am used to, full-back.
"After two days we realised that there was no
point in wasting time as they already have two players in my position."

To cut short a trial only lasting a week is near farcical, and either Coco has let himself down badly if the rumours circulating are to be believed, or the club has done zero homework on a player before inviting them in for a trial period.

Either way, someone doesn't come out of all this looking too good.