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Corradi unhappy with Pearce?

Joey Baton has jumped to the defence of Bernardo Corradi following his second yellow card which resulted in his sending off at United last weekend.

Corradi's attempt to win a penalty earned him condemnation from the media - which were unsuprisingly quick to jump all over him, as if Corradi was the only played to have dived in the Premiership this season. In fact, the Drogba and Lehmann incident the following day seemed to attract only humour when both players blatantly dived in an attempt to get the other booked (or even sent off).

Pearce himself was quick to bring out his typical 'honesty' and said that he would be 'having words' with Corradi, although he has sinced toned this down to say he would be more educational than anything else.

Barton himself has said:

"Bernardo is an honest pro, and the one thing he isn't is a
cheat but there's got to be that consistency".

I tend to agree with Barton, and feel it was more an act of desperation to get back into the game than a blatant attempt at cheating, and Corradi himself spoke to the Italian press in which he defended himself and felt that Pearce could have done more to back him - and comes amidst rumours that his former side Chievo (struggling at the foot of Serie A) are interested in taking him back to the club:

"I have fallen after having overcome two rivals' legs which
have clipped me...the referee interpreted it in his way [seeing it as a dive]
but I do not understand Pearce's reaction."

Pearce's honesty is something that has been debated in the past, and many fans do feel that whilst it is in general an admirable trait, his tendency to 'call it as he sees it' does not always endear him to those same fans - and to his squad it seems.