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Soccer Shout podcast addition

As you know, I contribute weekly to the Soccer Shout podcast and in a little plug for Phil and Tony at the show the following is the press release for the new Soccer Shout Premiership Guide that they have created.

The pair of football fans who front the daily podcast Soccer Shout have put their heads together to come up with the Soccer Shout Premiership Guide. The guide pulls together a host of information for each game - including league records, current form, recent results and injuries/suspensions – and puts in on a single page.

"We made Soccer Shout the show that we wanted to listen to but couldn't find anywhere else – short, frequent and entertaining." says Phil McThomas. "The Premiership Guide was created the same way. We were tired of clicking our way through web page after web page, from this site to that, in order to do research for our match previews. The guide eliminates the need to do that. No more clicking!"

Listeners of the podcast, which is downloaded over four thousand times each week, have been enjoying an early look at the guide for the last month. Their feedback was incorporated into the design of the guide. Many fans requested a list of injuries and suspensions for each game, plus a TV guide for the proliferation of games available in the US and UK. Both of these features have been added to the guide in subsequent revisions.

"Readers of the guide use it for picking their weekend bets, planning their fantasy football transfers, their prediction league entries and just as a general guide when they're getting ready to watch a game." said co-host Tony Wildey. "And like a lot of other resources on the Internet, it gets passed around from inbox to inbox."

Now that the guide has been road-tested with the fans of the show, the pair of podcasters are ready to release it to finger-weary football fans everywhere.

You can sign up for the guide either at the site homepage or directly through this link.