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Sibierski hits out at Pearce

Antoine Sibierski has laid into Stuart Pearce today, being critical of how he handled the now Newcastle United striker. Quoted in The Mirror, Sibierski says:

"I don't care about him, Pearce is in the past for me. He didn't give me a
chance last season because I think he didn't understand my position on the
"But that's what Glenn Roeder understands and that's why he asked me
to play in this striker role because he knows it is going to be the best
position for me to bring something for Newcastle".

In some respects, Sibierski has a point in that neither Pearce or Kevin Keegan consistently gave him a run in the side up front - as he is now enjoying Newcastle, often he was shunted into the problem left-hand side position which in fairness he was never going to excel in.

Still, having never endeared himself fully to the City faithful, he is unlikely to change that with this swipe against Pearce.