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A record low on the cards?

With just seven goals scored this season after the first twelve matches, this puts us joint last in the Premiership along with Newcastle and Sheffield United and on target for an overall 'goals for' total of twenty-two come the end of the season.

Looking at the history of Premiership, this doesn't make good reading.

A projected figure of twenty-two would rank us second worst all-time in the Premiership, whilst it would be our own worst total by a total by a clear margin.

A look at the Premiership's lowest scorers season on season since the move to a 38 games (look away any Sunderland fans) doesn't look too good as only one side (Leeds in 1998/99) managed to avoid relegation, whilst only two sides (Blackburn 2004/05 and Sunderland 2001/02) managed to escape the drop as lowest scorers:

2005/06 Sunderland 26
2004/05 Blackburn 37
2003/04 Wolves 38
2002/03 Sunderland 21
2001/02 Sunderland 29
2000/01 Bradford 30
1999/00 Watford 35
1998/99 Leeds 28
1997/98 Wimbledon 34
1996/97 Forest 31
1995/96 City 33

Looking at the current Premiership table, a comforting thought at least is the number of sides who are hitting the net at below a goal a game over the first third of the season, meaning we are not alone in having to solve goalscoring problems - and shows the undoubted value of the clean sheet run we are enjoying at home.