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Clean sheet record bid

Picked this little stat up from the 'Martin Tyler's stats and facts' column on the Sky Sports website:

I have been following Man City for years now home and
away and I cannot remember the last time they kept 6 successive clean sheets at
home in the League.

Do you have any ideas?
Yours, Freddie Watt

MARTIN SAYS: Well Freddie, you have to go quite a long
way back to find the answer to this one. Having done the commentary for City
against Newcastle on Sunday and been armed with stats all week, I was hoping we
would get a question on the game! I can tell you that your side last kept six
successive league clean sheets at home when they kept in fact, seven in a row in
the old Division One at Maine Road between November 1973 and March 1974 under
Ron Saunders. However they finished 14th in the table that season, just four
points above the relegation zone.

Just the one to go then, and looking at the final finish it may not be all the two sides have in common...