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City 3 Fulham 1

The following is the review based on the interview I did for The Verdict Section in today's edition of The Observer:

The first half was like the opening 45 minutes against Newcastle last week, except we took our chances. I'm glad Corradi and Samaras were back up front, as they're our best strike pairing. Corradi responded with a couple of good finishes.

He has a good club pedigree and aside from his goals his link-up play was good while Barton ran him close for man of the match.

But despite the win the atmosphere was pretty flat - Fulham brought about 100 fans and there was not much energy from the home crowd. I hate these early kick-offs.

Ratings: Weaver 6, Richards 7, Dunne 7, Distin 7, Thatcher 6, Trabelsi 7, Barton 8, Reyna 7, Vassell 6, Samaras 7, Corradi 9, Dickov (sub) 7.