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Big publicity for the supporters trust

Looks like the guys over mcfcsupporterstrust have hit the headlines in a big way today as they are all over the backpages of the MEN profiling their attempts to set up a supporters trust.

The main point that has been picked up elsewhere by the press is the news that the group has contacted former chairman David Bernstein for his advice (and more?) but more importantly Bernstein's general comments on the subject:

"Over the last few months I have numerous calls from
supporters and supporters' groupings expressing unhappiness over a wide range of
issues and the club's general direction, these concerns appear to be increasing
and it worries me that so many people feel this way."

This is something that the club have subsequently denied, with Paul Tyrell commenting:

"We are surprised by David Bernstein comments because
he has always been extremely supportive of the club, especially of John Wardle
(chairman) and Alistair Mackintosh (chief executive)."

Good to see Ollie and the rest of the guys getting some publicity behind them and things look to definitely be gaining momentum. Hopefully I'll bring some more news shortly.