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Window of opportunity

Perhaps irked by the continued speculation over his future, Stuart Pearce has called for a 'window' to be introduced into the game which would limit the time when a manager could be sacked by a club:

"Over the last five or six weeks I've seen X, Y and Z
manager being touted for the sack.
Maybe somewhere in the future they are
going to have to say that if you're going to move managers on, then you're going
to have to do it in the transfer window and then people can concentrate on their
jobs a little more fully.
At the moment we have a situation where one result
can dictate whether you're doing well, average or badly".

Celtic manager Gordon Strachan has voiced his support for such a proposal, and believes it would result in managers being able to work with more confidence if they were freer from the threat of the sack.

Whilst Pearce has received support from within the Premiership - notably from Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, neither has supported the introduction of a window, more a backing that clubs should in general show more faith in managers as opposed to pulling the trigger as soon as the going gets rough.

Regardless of the merits of the window, I imagine any introduction would need the backing of the Chairman - a group I cannot really see rushing to endorse such a move, can you?