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Pearce concerned over ticket pricing

With Saturday's game away to Wigan likely to result in a less than full away allocation, Stuart Pearce has expressed concern over the pricing structures implemented to away fans:

"I have a lot of sympathy for the amount of money being charged, clubs know that historically, Manchester City fans have always travelled in numbers.
They have been passionately loyal over the years and I am sure they will be in years to come."

"Sometimes clubs push up the price of tickets for away fans, which I cannot see the sense some ways, it is cheating the public. Visiting supporters should be charged exactly the same price as home fans."

As well all know, home clubs can bypass the issue of away fans being charged the 'same' as home fans and in Wigan's case we are being charged the same price (an incredible £35) as their 'non-members', and invariably City fans face the highest pricing structure in the Premiership as history shows that we have taken up our full allocation on our travels.

But, is it any wonder that faced with the prospect of £35 for a game shown on TV - where even if the away allocation was sold out the ground would be nowhere near full, that fans are choosing to bypass away games in significant numbers this season?