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Where are the goals coming from?

A pertinent question given the lack of potency shown by the attacking duo of Corradi and Dickov on Monday night.

With Andrew Cole having departed, we are left with Corradi, Dickov, Samaras and Vassell as the attacking options to break us out of the goal drought we are currently experiencing.

Corradi looks a strong player with his back to goal, but needs the support of a genuine attacking midfielder - a 'fantasista' type player that he would have been used to back in Serie A. He may have success with Vassell (who linked with Cole well last season), but Vassell is a player who needs to be 100% confident to be a significant factor in a game.

Dickov is a player I didn't warm to first time round, and this time round he hasn't altered my opinion. He offers nothing in the way of attacking play or creativity and it frustrates me to see him cheered from the rafters for closing down a full-back. Yes, he is passionate and committed but is not the answer for me.

Samaras looked lively when he came on against Reading, and of the quartet he has the most potential to be the 'finisher' that we need. He is a big guy, but can move well with the ball and at least looks to head towards goal.

There was a comment posted recently on the site in response to my piece in the Observer which suggested Daniel Sturridge could get an opportunity against Chesterfield. I do think that he will see action at some stage during this season but I didn't expect it to be as a desperate measure.

If our attacking woes continue, it may be that Pearce has little other option.