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Thatcher avoids criminal charges

It seems that Ben Thatcher won't face any further punishment for his elbow on Pedro Mendes. The statement from Greater Manchester Police reads:

"Officers from GMP have spoken to the relevant parties involved in an incident during the Manchester City versus Portsmouth match on August 23, in consultation with the injured player, the clubs and The Football Association, GMP have been informed the player would like to pursue a complaint and have asked for it to be dealt with by The FA, not the police.
In light of this, GMP will not be investigating the incident further and consider the matter to be closed."

All parties involved in the incident stressed throughout that they didn't want any police involvement and were happy to let the FA ajudicate over it, so I think it makes sense for the FA and City to be the ones to hand down any punishment as opposed to taking this forward through the police.

Seems not everyone is happy though.