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Momentum killer?

There can't be too many club managers who welcome the intervention of the international calendar at any stage of the season, but one who must be particularly irked at the moment is Stuart Pearce.

A fairly wretched start to the season saw a comprehensive defeat at Chelsea, followed by a poor home opener against Portsmouth - which also featured the subsequent distraction of the Ben Thatcher 'incident' to add to his woes.

Lo and behold do City then go and record our first Premiership win in many a year against Arsenal in what manager and players alike hoped would kick start the season. But we then face the prospect of a sixteen day wait before our next meaningful game (discounting the Ballymena friendly) with some of the squad away with their respective international sides.

Whilst I have no doubt that partway through a season, when injuries and general wear and tear from a season are more prevalent then an international break could be welcomed by a manager but Pearce must surely be frustrated to have this interruption so early in the season when trying to build upon an impressive victory.

As much as the intensity can be maintained during training, form and momentum can only be built upon during the ninety minutes of competitive action. Noises coming from the club suggest that the mood in the camp is positive and upbeat.

It remains to be seen though what effect the enforced break will have when the team next play a week today at Reading.