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A look back...

Ahead of tomorrow's final, I thought it a good time to take a look at my initial predictions for the tournament to see - with the wonderful benefit of hindsight, how they turned out...

Winners: Brazil
Best player: Kaka
Top scorer: Thierry Henry
Best outsiders: Serbia & Montenegro
Biggest flops: Holland
Youngster to watch: Lukas Podolski
England go out: Quarter finals

Team wise, I got it pretty wrong overall I guess with both Brazil and Serbia & Montenegro failing to live up to my billing, whilst I wouldn't exactly say Holland flopped.

On an individual level, Kaka played well, but like the Brazil side overall failed to really impress. Henry didn't pad his account during the group stages which has cost him a chance at the Golden boot.

However, I got England's exit spot on (quarter-final exit not exactly too long a reach though!) but Podolski was a good call, bearing in mind he was named as the tournaments best young player yesterday.