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City fixture changes

At last! Some real, happening news as opposed to more groundless speculation about an ageing midfielder or young midfielder no-one has heard of supposedly on their way to the club.

City have been by selected by the powers that be at Sky for a number of games over the first part of the season. Ten in total it seems (more or less half of the games so far), with three of the first four games getting the live treatment.

These days, it isn't just a Sunday game that you need to plan for of course, but Monday night and the two Saturday games as well. For home games particularly, personally I'm not a fan of either the 12.45 Saturday kick off (of which we have a few) or the 8pm Monday night one but do like the 5.15 Saturday time and the 4pm Sunday kick off.

The changes in full are:

Chelsea (a) August 20th 4.00
Arsenal (h) August 26th 5.15
Reading (a) September 11th 20.00
Wigan (a) October 21st 12:45
Middlesbrough (h) October 30th 20.00
Newcastle (h) November 11th 12.45
Fulham (h) November 18th 12.45
Watford (a) December 4th 20.00
United (a) December 9th 12.45
Tottenham (h) December 16th 17.15