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Worlup Day 10 - France stuttering

Another Sunday of cricket resulted in only the France v South Korea being seen today.

Despite Australia going down 2-0 to Brazil, they hold the upper hand going into their final game against Croatia due to the Croatians failure to beat Japan earlier in the day - meaning that Brazil have qualified and the Aussies need only a point to go through.


Brazil 6pts
Australia 3pts
Croatia 1pt
Japan 0pts

France again stuttered on the big stage, failing to hold an early lead from Thierry Henry in drawing with South Korea this evening - a result which leaves Switzelrand with a chance to overtake France if they beat Togo tomorrow (assuming that Togo turn up of course).

"As long as I have a hole in my arse South Korea won't score" 9.35pm - Richard Carroll.

9.40pm - J-S Park equalises for South Korea.

It may also have been Zinedine Zidane's last game in football due to his yellow card which puts him out of the last group game. I still feel that France should have enough to get through this group but it may not be as group winners given that South Korea or Switzerland have the opportunity to take first place.