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World Cup Group F

Teams: Brazil, Croatia, Japan, Australia.

Strength of the group: Brazil shouldn't be tested too much by this group but the interesting battle will be for second place as both Australia and Japan look to have a good chance and Croatia may now be past their best.

City link: Danny Tiatto was a regular for the Aussies during his time at City. His international career looks to have gone the same way.

Keep an eye on: Kaka. Still only 24, he will be the most dominant player of the decade.

Expect: The cameras to pan the stands for 'aesthetically pleasing' Brazilian fans as much as concentrating on the beautiful on-pitch action.

Don't expect: Harry Kewell to star - injury plagued he is only a shadow of the player he can be.

Qualifiers: Brazil in first place winning all three games and Japan to narrowly scrape through in second place.