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World Cup Day 4 - Czechs in control at half-time, and cruise to win


Another good goal from Rosicky seals an impressive opening win for the Czech Republic. They maintained their energy levels and movement throughout and USA offered little in the way of resistance in the second half apart from a good display from the young substitute Eddie Johnson who came on at half-time.

An impressive marker laid down by the Czechs though.

At half-time, the second goal for the Czech Republic towards the end of the first-half looks to have killed this game off. The USA had a chance to level at one stage but Claudio Reyna was unlucky when his shot from the edge of the are hit the post.

The Czech Republic have looked good so far, with plenty of energy and what looks another hot day. They are somewhat of an ageing side and I thought it may be a tournament too far for some of their players but so far so good for them.

It will interesting to see how they deal with the loss of Koller who appears to have suffered quite serious hamstring injury.