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Wolrd Cup Day 3 - Holland get important win

Haven't had chance to catch too much of the action today but of the little I saw Holland looked impressive with the pairing of van Persie and Robben behind van Nistelrooy looking good. Robben in particular seemed to be causing problems time and again for the Serbian defence.

It was an important win for the Dutch following Argentina's victory the previous evening and the Serbians were much fancied (myself included) to go through from this group. There is still a lot of work for Argentina and Holland to do in this group but they have both got off to important starts in this group.

Caught the second half radio commentary of the evening game and it sounded very much like the Angolans gave a good account of themselves and with a little more belief may have been able to get something from the game against a Portugal side who were well below their best.

Regardless of tonights performance though, opening game wins for both Portugal and Mexico in this group should ensure they qualify through.