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New kit launched

Today saw the 'official' launch of the new home kit, made by Reebok and sees a return to an all-blue look (if you discount the white sleeves of course).

The shirt 'is made from a play-dry material that takes moisture away from the skin. It is made of a breathable mesh and the wearer’s body shape is taken into account by the new design that outlines the contours of their muscles' which could see an interesting look sported by Richard Dunne next season.

Personnally, I'm a bit past getting all excited by the launch of a new kit and think the last one I bought was the Kappa home kit about ten years ago. I'm pretty undecided about it to be honest but it does strike me as being a bit 'Coventry City' in its appearance.

Andrew Cole doesn't exactly appear overwhelmed with having to do his publicity bit does he?