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Wright all wrong?

Ian Wright vented his anger on SWP's exclusion from the World Cup squad in todays edition of The Sun, labelling the England manager as 'incompetent'.

Wright believes it maybe that Eriksson has made his decision to 'get back' at Wright who has been openly critical of him in the past;

"I really wonder if Eriksson has dropped Shaun just to get back at me. I’ve slaughtered him in the past because I’m a passionate England fan who has never been convinced by this man. Eriksson has had England’s finest players for the best part of their careers and has achieved nothing."

I still cannot fathom SWP's exclusion as his lack of games cannot count against him as he has played more than Downing, Lennon and Walcott combined this season and fail to see an argument that Lennon is a better player currently out of the two.

Whilst I think that Wright is some way off the mark with his ascertion it is a personal vendetta rom Eriksson - and believe him to be a poor choice of pundit from the BBC for England games, behind all of his histrionics he makes an extremely valid point;

"For five years Eriksson has been the most cautious and negative manager in history.
Now, right at the end of his England reign, he has suddenly turned into a reckless Las Vegas gambler. It’s all very well for him to chance his arm. But it’s the whole nation who will have to pick up the tab".

The squad was a complete surprise to me as I imagined the final twenty-three would be pretty much nailed on (something Erikson alluded to in the past also) and I can't help thinking that the inclusion of Walcott is merely a gimmick to take the media heat off the Rooney injury and likelihood that he will miss the tournament.

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