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SWP - the real story?

Credit to Arsenal news review for the following piece regarding SWP ahead of our game against them tomorrow night when the other half of North London will be wearing Blue as the battle for fourth place continues.

To paraphrase the key points of the article:

'Ian Wright told his stepson, "Arsene can't sign you this summer, but he can sign you next summer, so sit tight for one more season at City."
Allegedly, at a time when Stuart Pearce was confident of keeping Shaun for 2005-2006, the winger's attitude changed overnight following a call from Sven, who told him, "I want you at a bigger club."
Allegedly, it was Peter Kenyon who then signed Shaun, not Mourinho - who told Kenyon, "I won't play him."
CLEARLY, SWP is at the wrong club'.

I don't know the 'source' of the article but it may explain the sudden about-turn that SWP performed prior to the season.