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Dickov leaves Blackburn.

Paul Dickov and Blackburn parted company yesterday, fuelling speculation that the striker could be making a return back to City with it likely that Dickov is one of the 'six or seven' players Stuart Pearce has stated he is talking to.

Dickov is reported as have being offered a two year deal by Blackburn but was not happy at the terms offered, given his reduced playing time last season and the fact that the second year of the deal was apparantly linked to appearances during the first season.

You can understand him rejecting that deal at this latter stage of his career (now being 33 years old) but surely he won't get a more favourable deal at City? If he signs then he will be vying with current incumbents Cole, Vassell and Samaras in addition to Sibierski, Wright-Phillips and any other young striker we might sign (MK Dons Izael McLeod linked with us yesterday).

Maybe though he feels he still has some unfinished business at City as Keegan bombed him out when he didn't really want to leave, and wants to come back and prove a point to certain people but to me I can't see him filling a different role than he did at Blackburn.

Sheffield United and Everton are also rumoured to be interested in signing Dickov.