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Bitter and Blue Player of The Year Award.

UPDATE: Last chance to vote as lines close shortly ahead of all the season review stuff I'll be posting up this coming week.....

A post game discussion on Sunday failed to produce a clear winner, and in fact left most stumped for an answer to the question 'Who will be player of the season?'.

In seasons gone by it has generally been a foregone conclusion and I think the absence of a true 'star' this season - a Bernarbia, Anelka or SWP for instance makes it a difficult decision.

With just six games left there is not much time left for any contenders to make a last push and given recent performances a few maybe doing their chances a degree of harm.

For me it probably comes down to one of five - David James, Richard Dunne, Sylvain Distin, Joey Barton or Trevor Sinclair with Distin probably edging it due the consistency he has shown throughout the whole season.

My own final choice will be revealed in the inaugral 'Bitter and Blue' end of season awards sometime soon after the Blackburn game but I thought it may be interesting to see what the 'Bitter and Blue' visitors choice is.

Feel free to post your choice and any comments and I'll re-publish the post every week between now and the end of the season to the current leader.