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Dunne named supporters player of the year.

Richard Dunne has been named the Official Supporters Club player of the year for the second season in succession, holding off David James and Sylvain Distin who were second and third respectively.

"I'm really proud. It's a surprise because it's not been the
best season for us, and there's a couple of other players who have done
really well.
Andy Cole did well before his injury, David James has been
brilliant, Trevor Sinclair has done well also so it's a really big honour
and I'm delighted.
It was really nice getting it last year and you don't expect to
win it two years in a row. There are other players in the team who
deserve it, some of us have all had our moments, so I'm really pleased that I have won it."

Personally I thought Dunne had a loss of form mid season which is why I think Distin gets my vote but I don't think there was much to call between the top three.

Unsuprisingly Micah Richards picked up the Young Player of the year award with Kelvin Etuhu named most promising player.

Voting is still open for the Bitter and Blue readers player of the year.