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Not standing For It ?

Thanks to all those who replied on the standing issue (especially James) it appears more
action has been taken by the club on the standing issue for the Sunderland game.

Different rows have been closed for this game, though im unsure if this is on top of the
rows closed for the last game or different ones this time round ?

The recipient of this particluar letter has demanded a refund , based on the fact he has
been dispatched to the third tier away from the people he normally sits with. Whilst the
letter makes it clear the clubs hands are tied on this , are they seriously taking enough
action to protect the fans not breaking rules ?

It would appear that this issue is set to run and run , the irony of the situation is that as
the council reduce the crowd they reduce there own revenue !

The opinions on this matter vary hugely as we saw from the comments on the last
article regarding this issue , time to put it to the vote.

Should Standing Be Re-introduced at Football ?
Yes - No restrictions.
Yes - But in a controlled manner.
No - Too dangerous.
No - I prefer sitting.
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