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Don't rest on your laurels.

In what is just over forty-eight hours until the biggest game of the season for his side, Stuart Pearce has to make a decision which could have potentially huge ramifications for Monday nights quarter-final match up with West Ham.

Due to the wisdom of the FA's scheduling of the quarter finals, City and West Ham have to face-off on Monday night with little or no preperation and recovery from matches against Wigan and Portsmouth respectively. In some ways, we have the better of the situation given that we played our fifth round game a day earlier, were not taken to extra time and have all three games at home.

Hammers boss Alan Pardew has been extremely vocal with his intention to play a fringe side in order to rest key players ahead of Monday, citing the toll the fixture pile-up was having on his squad. Pearce on other hand has been more bullish about playing his strongest side in both games, stating that first and foremost he must "pick a side to win on Saturday".

It is an interesting situation for both managers and there is a valid argument for both approaches. Why I think I back Pearce's move (unless he is calling everyone's bluff of course) is the fact that at home (we can ignore away form for the immediate future) we are on a roll - winning seven straight and turning in strong performances in the process. Whilst the Wigan game is by no means a given, it is winnable and for me it is important to maintain the momentum and confidence that has built up.

Of course you cannot legislate for injuries or how the players will recover and it is possible key players could pick up an injury or wear themselves out for Monday night. That side of the argument dictates that players such as Mills, Sommeil, Croft, Wright-Phillips and Ireland should be brought to keep those starting on Monday fresh.

One thing to bear in mind though is Pearce believes that over the last year City have become one of the fittest teams in the Premiership, which of course helps in the recovery process and there were no stories of City players suffering cramps following our midweek game (as Alan Pardew admitted some of his squad had experienced).

In reality it is a situation where the only way Pearce can win is to take three points against Wigan and then triumph in the FA Cup to send us through to the semi-finals.

Unfortunately, I'm down in London as of this afternoon until Thursday so will be missing both games. I'm sure you can look after yourselves until I get a chance to post again (maybe Thursday, more likely Friday), but feel free to fill up the comments section in what is an important old forty-eight hours.