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Psycho heading for England job?

Has Stuart Pearce begun a late surge as a viable candidate to be appointed the next England manager?

His odds of landing the job have fallen over the past week or so and he is now at 6/1 at some bookies who appear swayed by the fact that factions in the FA are hell bent on appointing a British manager rather than one of the nasty, horrible (but clearly far more qualified) foreign coaches out there. In addition to the promising start he has made at City, his highly regarded international playing career may have made him a more attractive proposition than either McLaren, Allardyce or Curbishley.

Pearce himself has hardly been clear on the subject, appearing very much like an ambitous MP attempting to distance themselves from running in a party leadership contest - first stating it was 'embarrasing and insulting' to link him with the post, then "It would be absolute folly to rule myself out of any job," and then adding "...I don't think when the job is being given out I will be in the hot seat that's for sure."

It is a little difficult to predict if Pearce stands a genuine chance as the FA appear split (surprise, surprise) on which way to go with this appointment, with Chairman Dave Richards apparantly favouring the 'British is Best' approach (though why O'Neill is more palatable than a 'real' foreign coach is beyond me), whilst some do favour an appointment such as Scolari or Hiddink - although their chances appear to be diminishing.

I think the only thing which is a certainty is that if Pearce does get offered the job then he will certainly take it. For an English manager there is undoubtedly still the allure of it being the 'ultimate job in football' and if you do turn it down there is no guarantee it will ever come round again.

It would be disappointing if he does go as although his start so far at City has been extremely encouraging - building on the stability that Keegan helped bring to the club, there is still so much more to come from him over the next five years or so, a time in which his own potential should mirror that of the side he is beginning to build.