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Greeks bearing gifts ....

A pretty bizarre game yesterday , at half time 1-0 was looking like the most likely result after Dicky Dunnes text book (hands up , head over ball , drilled back into the ground) half volley had earned city a just lead.

I settled into my seat expecting a bore-fest of a second half as Charlton had showed very little , City for all there attacking intent still showed a lack of quality when it came to breaking teams down. Renaissance Man Trevor Sinclair went off at half time with a fractured cheek bone , hope he is back soon as his form has been a revelation and could have made him the surprise and supremely ironic late addition to Svens squad in front of SWP.

City came out of the traps quickly and the three man attack caused some early problems for Charlton before Darren Bent nipped in with a suspiciously off side looking goal (anybody seen the replays ? ) The giant Greek then literally popped up with a towering header to ease the woes , and just a couple of minutes after one of the worst dying swans routines I have ever seen ! Soccer AM beckons for that one. Less than 10 minutes later contract rebel Barton lashed home a 30 yarder to supposedly 'kill off' Charlton.

The other Bent then popped up to make it 3-2 and ensure a nervy end to a game which city should have cruised once again an official played apart as the ref unusually overruled the linesman to give a throw to charlton , 5 pass later 3-2. Got to admit I haven't seen replays of either decision but both looked 'iffy' to say the least.

A mention as well for Micah Richards , another from the city 'yoof' conveyor who looks the business. Big , strong , quick and confident as his his 'shot' into the seond tier after a great run proved.

And so our search for back to back wins begins again in earnest.