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A whole lot of nothing going on.

So, over a third of the way into the transfer window and we have barely caused a ripple in the football world with the moves we have made so far.
Adding to the captures of Tumoas Haapala and Albert Riera, we have brought in Matt Jansen to train with the side with a view to signing on a permanent basis should he impress Stuart Pearce sufficiently.

As I wrote last week, if we signed Jansen it would be an indication that we may not have the funds available to make a big splash in the transfer market and Tom from City 'Til I Cry speculated that he would be 'suprised' if we spent any decent money during the transfer window.

Stuart Pearce appears to be a cautious player in the transfer market, and it is likely that he has not found the calibre of player he feels can strengthen the existing squad or is not willing (or the board isn't) to pay an over-inflated fee for a player on the market - as Portsmouth appear to have done with their triple swoop on Tottenham today for Mendes, Davis and Pamarot.
As the last few weeks have proved though, the current squad is in need of strengthening and is short on depth to sustain a whole season factoring into account injuries, loss of form and suspensions .

At the onset of the transfer window opening, Pearce seemed to be confident that any players that would be arriving at the club would be here early in January giving them extra time to bed in and settle with the squad. But as January ticks by, it becomes even more likely that a big splash signing of the calibre of a Dean Ashton and Steed Malbranque is less likely to materialise, with only the prospect of loan signings or cheap transfer options arriving at the club.