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Samaras deal stalls.

The prospects of signing Giorgis Samaras have taken a step backwards today after it appeared that a day or so ago it was all but a done deal. His current side Heerenveen appear to be in no rush to sell him and have announced it would be in his best interests for Samaras top remain at the club until the summer at least.

After selling Klaus-Jan Huntelaar to Ajax at the start of the transfer window, Heerenveen may be in no rush to sell either from a financial and team perspective, but my guess is that it is a late tactic to try and force City to up their bid for the player or alert other interested teams to the situation and his availability.

The club, constantly throughout this situation, have again maintained a discrenable silence over the speculation and it is unlikely any confirmation either way will be forthcoming until the signing goes through or the deal is dead in the water.