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Pride of Manchester 3 - 1 Rags

This is how it feels to be city..............

Got to say, I was remarkably relaxed going into today’s derby, sure there is always the potential for a beating (for both sides) but the Rags are just not the force they where. Its not just a case of Chelsea raising the bar, United have gone backwards and the fear factor they once half over teams has evaporated.

The game itself, as always with derby’s, is a bit of a blur mainly due to alcohol but also the pace and atmosphere. United had quite a bit of the ball early on but didn’t really threaten , Fake Ronaldo’s frequent runs directly across the park after getting no change from Jordan probably highlight this the best. Credit Rooney for his efforts he kept probing and running but to no effect, god knows where he gets the energy from to try and referee the game as well.

City came into it after about 25mins first through Sinclair then Vassell getting behind the suspect united defence. Both providing quality finishes.

After the break United came out the stronger but again didn’t threaten, until Fake Ronaldo’s wild kick at Cole earned him a straight red, funnily enough it was the only decision he didn’t dispute all day as he minced off.

Van Nistelrooy then pulled one back to give us a nervous 10/15 minute spell before Robbie Fowler lumbered off the bench to do what he enjoys the most , winding up the rags and making it 3-1. Game Over.

Got to give credit to all the City players out there, hard really to pick a man of the match but if pushed I would go for Trevor Sinclair, could be with real irony That SWP’s departure to Chelsea may have opened the door for Tricky Trev to have one last international hurrah in Germany, his form since switching back to the right has been excellent.

As for the Rags, more whingeing, bleating and cheating than you would believe possible from 11 men. Every decision from Steve Bennett questioned normally by a baying crowd of 4/5 players. Their collective discipline is appalling but once again Fergie heaped disgrace on Defeat with him and Shrek confronting the ref at half time, presumably for over ruling some of Rooneys decisions. Added to that Fergie has then openly slated the ref (and implicated city) by stating our hospitality may have swayed him. AND THEY CALL US BITTER?

You get those days (not so many as a city fan) when the lager is going down nicely , the city fans are in full cry , united are silent, fergie’s whining, the scoreboard says 3-1 and it makes it all worthwhile.

Happy Days.

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