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City 0 - 2 Spurs

Don’t Panic – DON’T PANIC.

Well not yet anyway , but , by the end of January’s transfer window………we will come to that in a bit , first to tonight’s game.

Fair play to Spurs , they came to play positive football from the outset and simply set a pace we couldn’t match , the midfield in particular appeared to be chasing shadows at times as we got nowhere near close enough to them , and certainly not as close as they got to us. For some reason Pearce refused to see that our only decent spells came when Ireland abandoned his left midfield role and came inside , and that Ireland was struggling to keep tabs on an impressive Arron Lennon , a simple swap round of Ireland and Sun would have benefited us big time. I really do hope Sun shifts loads of shirts , there has to be some reason for him. And Onuhua had to be injured that cant have been a tactical substitution ??
For all Spurs possession and good passing they didn’t craft many clear cut scoring opportunities so Distin thought he would help them out , by displaying the kind of
Lazy attitude to defending that allows a no mark like Boumsong to be repeatedly picked for the French squad before him. Lennon nips in , pulls back for a tap in.

We had a bit of a go in the second half and finally started to pick up the pace of the game around the 60 minute mark , forced a few corners , a couple of bouts of head tennis in there box and BWP flashed a shot just wide.
Somewhat inevitably , a clearance from Robinson allowed to bounce by Distin , watched by Dunne as Robbie Keane nips in and lashes home the final nail in what has to be the most lacklustre performance of the season.

Worst home performance of the year , Pearce had his substitutions booed , we haven’t scored for 3 games , 1 point in 12 , a happy new year ???

Which brings us to the transfer window ! So far Haapala on a free , potentially Riera on loan.
Not very inspiring at all , this site has previously discussed the funds that would be made available from the SWP sale for reinvestment ; the consensus been 5-10 million. I sincerely hope that Wardle makes sure it’s at least 10 million. They have sold off our heroes in Anelka and SWP and whatever the reasons for there departure the board still made the decision to accept a bid. Crowds are dropping and will continue to do so with performances like tonight , The youth policy is been far too heavily relied upon you can’t just keep throwing kids in and expect them to all be SWP’s , The manager is gaining respect and envious glances we need to spend big on two or three quality players.

For my money City simply can not afford NOT too spend.
Over to you Mr Wardle.