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'Tis the season...

Interesting article in The Times yesterday in which it featured what each of the Premiership sides had plans for the players Christmas parties.
Suprisingly(?) all but Fulham, Middlesbrough and Portsmouth confirmed what was planned (or not as the case may be).
To the suprise of no-one familiar with their previous off-field exploits, Graham Souness has banned his Newcastle players from holding a Christmas party this year, a move also made by Wigan and Liverpool - although footballing matters were given as a reason for the lack of party.
Several Premiership sides seem to be taking the route of either a quiet meal (Blackburn, Everton and West Brom) or official club function under the watchful eye of the gaffer (Arsenal and Charlton).
Hardly mindful of last years events, the article reports that Stuart Pearce 'has given his blessing to his players going out for a few drinks in a Manchester nightclub this week'. No word on where the players will have in mind but when Pearce commented "I'm not going to turn round and tell my players they can't go out", but left them with an omimous warning "..the players are aware of what will happen if they step out of line."
Somehow, I don't think there will be quite the shenanigans of last year.