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16 year old striker Daniel Sturridge probably ensured another handful of scouts will be tracking his progress over the forthcoming months after his goal last night sealed a 1-0 win for England under 17's over their Turkish counterparts - his fifth goal in six appearances for England.
England manager John Peacock commenting on Sturridge said "...he gets one chance and finishes it," added Peacock. "He’s definitely a goalscorer and has a good goals-to-games ratio. He demands high standards of himself and wants to do better, that’s a good thing."

Academy director Jim Cassell added "He’s a pure goalscorer, he may drift out of games at times, but give him a chance and the odds are that he will take it."
Still no official word from the club on whether Sturridge is expected to sign a contract once he turns seventeen (as he prohibited from signing 'pro' terms until then), but Steve Wigley has gone on record as saying his career would benefit from remaining at City and resisting the rumoured overtures of Chelsea and Arsenal and he is beginning to feature more and more at reserve team level.
He is though beginning to build on his reputation as the hottest property in the Academy and one of the brightest young talents in English football, and until such a time as he does sign full-time for City there will be plenty of speculation surrounding his future.