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Ah, that old Christmas spirit...

Stuart Pearce has decided to go against tradition by giving the City players Christmas day off from training this year.
Pearce feels that he can allow this as virtually all the preparation for the Wigan game will have been done already and all the players will miss is some light work out on the pitch. This could lead to criticism should the result at the JJB not be favourable but he feels it is the right move and the players are in agreement of it as well.
I don't think it is a bad move as with the way the dates fall this year, the squad will have had a full weeks training (this week) beforehand and the only change to the game day preperation will be that the video and tactics session will be done on the morning of the game as opposed to the day before.
Inevitably, I suppose the outcome of the game will be the ultimate judge of whether it is a wise move or not but at the very least I think it is a sound man management move from Pearce in giving a little flexibility to the players.
Just go easy on the Christmas pudding though Robbie...