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A Mark of Respect ?

The tributes have flowed in from pretty much all the football and celebrity world following the death of George Best.

Anybody who saw the pictures of him in the News of The World last weekend, which he bravely asked to be published as a warning, will have seen the desperate state a once supremely balanced and gifted athlete had inflicted upon himself.
It must have been terrible for his family too watch, and they have my sympathy.

Many have described him as the greatest ever. Hand on heart I haven’t seen enough footage of him to say if he belonged in the Pele & Maradona class.

What I have seen of Best does not lend itself to the greatness been bestowed upon him
The drunken ramblings on Wogan, the convictions for drink driving and the utter contempt he showed for the liver he was donated are not outweighed by an ability on the pitch , that he ultimately wasted.

That is why I am opposed to a minutes silence at every fixture tomorrow; I can understand it at United, Fulham even Stockport where he played but I do not believe he ‘earned’ the right to be shown this much respect.
Before the ABU brigade strike up, this is not an anti-united thing, one player who I do believe will have earned the right is Sir Bobby Charlton, both as a member of the world cup winning team and his ongoing to commitment to English football.

I hope that tomorrows silence is observed, mainly for the sake of the club. I know there are a lot of blues out there who also feel there shouldn’t be a minutes silence at COMS tomorrow. For the sake of the clubs reputation: simply do not take your seat until it’s over.

Stay in the bar and make your protest that way rather than dragging the club through the dirt.

Bring on the scouser’s !!!!!