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A KK comeback?

Several bookmakers are believed to have closed the book on Kevin Keegan being named as the new manager of the Republic of Ireland thanks to a spate of bets on the former City boss to fill the position vacated by the FAI decision not to renew Brian Kerr's contact.
Unlike the more publicity friendly Terry Venables who has openly courted the position, Keegan has yet to confirm of deny his interest.
Whether it was an 'inside word' on Keegan being appointed that led to him being heavily backed or not is anyone's guess but would he actually be interested in the position?
It is an arguable point as to whether he is interested in a return to football in any capacity - and so far he has not even returned as a TV pundit since leaving City and has maintained a Lord Lucan-esque profile over the past six months or so.
People talked about how broken he looked at the end of his England reign and wondered whether he had the passion and fire to return then, but did so and reinvigorated both himself and City during his spell at the club. However, it was clear by the end of his time with City that the fire had burnt out and the last month saw him a shell of the man who bounded into the club only a couple of years earlier.
In fact, he admitted that the City job would be his last in football and there has been nothing since to indicate he wants to return from the golf course in Malaga or wherever he heads off to during his normal sojourns away from the game.
However, Keegan has always struck me as being similar to a heavyweight boxer who can't resist the lure of 'one last shot' at the title, and that was undoubtedly the case when he decided to come to City. A lot has been made of his honesty when admitting he was good enough for the job of an international manager, and that tactically 'Kevin Keegan was not upto it'. It would be an amazing u-turn for him to now take on an international position bearing all of this is in mind and I would be extremely surprised if he was unveiled as the next Republic of Ireland manager.
But, and with Kevin Keegan there will always be a 'but' involved maybe he does fancy 'one last shot' to silence the doubters and critics and to prove the naysayers wrong?
I would be extremely surprised, but not shocked.