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City 0 Blackburn 0

In the interests of maintaining this site I tend to end up scanning most of the online newspapers and other news sources for City news and related information.
The one common theme that ran through all the reports I read yesterday and today was that the only thing worth talking about was Pearce and his habit of running onto the pitch to 'hurry up' opponents who are supposedly time wasting. One quick question - what would Pearce do if an opponent pushed him out the way? Push him back, punch him or back off and look a t**t? Stuart, please stop it. You have a technical area. Stay in it.
A 0-0 draw at home to Blackburn. A point earned? Two points dropped? I guess it's the half-full, half-empty analogy. Disappointing if we harbour serious Champions League aspirations, but a good point earned considering our recent dip in form (coupled with Blackburns improvement)and a less than full strength side.
A plus point is keeping a clean sheet, but the worry is being unable to break sides down who come with the intention of 'earning' a 0-0.
A dominant, attacking and creative midfielder must be top of Pearce's xmas list.