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Blog landmark.

A notable landmark for the blog occurred this week in that it passed the 10,000 'hit' mark. It has also experienced new 'highs' for daily and weekly hits over the last week and seems to be gaining in popularity (in terms of hits at least!) in recent times.
Thanks to everyone who has visited over the last few months since I started it and hopefully you'll keep on visiting.

Not too much news elsewhere today. Mixed fortunes on the injury front in that Claudio Reyna is expected back in the squad at least for Sunday's game at Charlton, but Trevor Sinclair has suffered a setback in training after feeling tightness in his groin.
Nothing further on the Robbie Fowler situation today, either from his agent, the club or Fowler himself which is only adding to the rumour mill going round. One possibility mentioned on the comments section on yesterdays article suggested it may be because he is lined up to play on Sunday. Doubtful I think - and I would have imagined that the club may have commented on this if it was true. If he indeed he doesn't feature at the weekend it will surely add to the Fower 'on his way' theory.