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Anelka named in French squad.

Proving that playing for City really does damage your international prospects, the latest French squad sees a shock return for Fenerbahce and former-City striker Nicolas Anelka. Despite being frozen out by various managers over the past three seasons (ie. during his time at City) which resulted in several outbursts by Nico, France coach Raymond Domenech has called him up for the forthcoming friendlies against Costa Rica and Germany.
I've only seen Anelka once this season - away at Milan in the Champions League where he performed superbly as a lone striker, and a look at the Fenerbahce website shows he has scored five times in nine games this season.
However, it has caused shockwaves in France with L'equipe labelling it a 'sensation', and running a vote to see if the return of Anelka is a good one for Les Bleus (currently 61% saying yes).
A lot of people mocked his choice of clubs when he moved to Turkey and expected him to fall completely off the football radar, but he got his desire to play in the Champions League, and ultimately has made a return to the National side, so whatever your views you cannot argue against the fact that it has turned out superbly for him.