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Wardle 'hits out' at SWP.

A bit of focus in the news regarding the release of City's financial results over this weekend, with for once comment on our financial situiation ignored as most papers and websites seem to be picking up on John Wardle's comments regarding SWP his 'u-turn' when he expressed a desire to speak with Chelsea, which led to the £21 million transfer.
Sky sports amongst others have picked this up, but reading their story there is nothing new in there apart from Wardle's comments in the Chairmans statement.
Wardles comments in the statement ar fairly predictable and seek to absolve the board from any responsibility for the sale, with the reason soely down to SWP and his advisors, however at no time has Wardle (or anyone else at the club) made any kind of attack on SWP and have only spoken highly of him.
Appears to be another case of an over zealous media trying to sensationalise a fairly bland paragraph into a hot 'news' story.
Elsewhere, it appears that Ghana have approached Andrew Cole in the hope of him being involved in some sort of coaching capacity for their World Cup campaign next summer. Although he is yet to speak to them, he said "I'm really interested in what Ghana have to say and I am looking forward to meeting them to talk about the job."