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Ad campaign backed.

Advertising watchdogs have backed City's recent billboard and poster campaign which played on the widely held belief that City enjoy a far greater Mancunian based support than United.
It seems that not content with taking the campaign to heart so much that several of the billboards were defaced in what appears to have been a co-ordinated late night campaign of destruction on the adverts, five people were so upset by the 'offending' advertisements that they felt the need to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA, after an unknown period of deliberation, decided to dismiss the complaints. Julian Douglas, who was responsible for overseeing the project added: "I’m happy to see the ASA has not upheld the complaints. But to be honest, it was never in doubt. Everyone in the country knows Manchester is blue."
Elsewhere, the club are hoping to begin talks on a new contract with midfielder Claudio Reyna. After securing new contracts for the younger members of the squad, Stuart Pearce is keen to get some of the more established members tied down for the near future, following Antoine Sibierski getting a one-year extension recently. Since he has shaken off his injury problems that plagued the early part of his City career, Reyna has looked impressive towards the end of last season and continued this form into this campaign, fitting in well alongside Joey Barton in particular.
And I promise this will be the final word on the penalty shambles from Saturday. For those who have still not seen it, check the following link out.