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Why do you hate me?

Not much going on at the moment as we are in thick of the International calendar (huge yawn!) and with the transfer deadline having passed without any action for City.
One thing that did catch my mind at the weekend was the serialisation in the Mail on Sunday of Robbie Fowler's autobiography 'Fowler' (imaginative title Robbie).
This week was a focus on his time at City and his struggle for form and fitness. The most interesting part was that his confidence was in tatters as he claims that the fans 'hated me. Fucking hated me'. This all culminated in his walking out of the stadium after being subbed against Everton at home last season, and was then sent away by Keegan to get fit and focused. What didn't come out at the time was his mental state and that he wanted to quit the game.
I take issue with Fowler a little here as I don't think the fans really ever turned on him, let alone hated him.
He arrived with a big repuatation and transfer fee which cost David Bernstein the chairmanship of the club. He plainly wasn't fit - for a variety of reasons but the fans always backed him (myself more than most) and although there were dissenting voices over his performances the support he received was in stark contrast to the abuse some players quickly received (remember Lee Bradbury anyone?).
He also mentioned that Nicolas Anelka was 'a selfish bastard who just played for himself' which exposes a common held view that the two of them (and their egos) could never function together.
Reading excerpts from his book it is clear that he has always felt like he has been the 'man', right from his early days at Liverpool and it will be interesting to see how he fits into the squad on his return from injury, especially with Cole and Vassell starting well.
Can his ego handle it? Time will tell.