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Sunday morning service.

News came in yesterday that the Everton home game originally scheduled for Saturday October 1st which was to be a Sky pay per view game has been switched to the Sunday due to Everton's participation in a UEFA Cup game the previous Thursday, as originally it was presumed they may have qualified for the Champions League.
No real problem with that as fair enough if they have a UEFA Cup 48 hours before, as we had a couple of Sunday games when we were in the UEFA Cup two seasons ago and the Bolton home game has also been moved.
However (and prepare yourselves for this one), the kick-off time is 11:15am!!!!
Is this some kind of joke? The game is still to go ahead on Sky (as pay per view of course) and the kick off time was decided upon after ahem 'consultation with senior officials from both clubs and the local police in Manchester'.
One question. Why?
Can anyone provide me with a sane and logical reason why this game should kick-off at 11:15am?
Season-ticket holders aside for one moment, what incentive is there for someone to actually bother buying a ticket specifically for this game, especially when they may have to travel some distance to get there?
Taking a wild guess, I'm presuming this kick off time is so that Sky's coverage of their other Sunday games is not affected as this one will be all wrapped up by the time their lunchtime pay per view game kicks off.
File this one as another example of the clubs and TV companies taking the piss out of fans.
Sky are in a win-win situation as they know that fans who will be unable (or unwilling) to attend the game due to the kick-off time will end up forking out £8 or whatever it is to watch it on TV.
City are not alone in that attendances are down so far this season and I cannot see this one being any different. Surely a candidate for the first sub-40,000 game seen at Eastlands?