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Some Day's your the statue - Some Days' your the pigeon.

City 1-1 Bolton

That’s just the way it is! Cant really fault the any of the team today for effort and general play , but , unlike most who have been unswerving in their praise WOULD criticise both Sibi- I can pick the goalkeeper or post from anywhere – erski and cheeky Kiki Musampa for there finishing , enough quality chances to have won easily.

Where do you start? hitting the frame 6 times and pretty much bossing the play apart from a 15-20 min spell 10 minutes into the second half when Bolton came at us but ultimately didn’t force a save, and a fair dinkum penalty at the end when Dicky Big Shorts as much as I admire his defending proved he is undeniably an ‘unlucky’ player – think 2 own goals against Utd , a scorcher of a free kick disallowed ……….

Bolton played exactly as you expect them to, with the style and panache of a team that has the Bolton public turning up, in, well literally hundreds! Though jasskalien (can’t be arsed to check the spelling) must have set a new record with his time wasting clocked at 16 mins into the game? They spoiled, Davies stamped, Sam made negative substitutions and they won, so pretty much business as usual for them.

From a Bolton perspective they must be delighted , rubbing there 6 fingered hands together with glee at a mid week Uefa cup (NOT European Cup as they sing) and a smash and grab raid away from home. As much as you can slag there style of play and believe me I will , you can’t fault the fact they to a man stick to there game plan and coming off a Wednesday night match dug deep , particularly during that second half spell that took the wind out of City’s sails just after Barton (Man of the Match) predictably hit the post.

Positives on the day we errr we didn’t look like losing ! sounds daft but I thought from early on the game had draw stamped on it. Stephen Ireland is well worth a second look and last but not least, at least I don’t have to pay to watch Bolton every week!

Just one final point , who ever came up with the idea of piping singing and chanting into the stands , make your way to East stand level 1 , Entrance 107 , Row K , Seat 168 you will find a revolver and one bullet under the seat, do the honourable thing .